XIV Congreso Internacional de Promoción al Consumo de Frutas y Verduras
14th International Congress of Promotion to the Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables in Tuxtla Gutierrez-Chiapas-México
Fruits and Vegetables: too good to be wasted


One third of the food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted around the world, equivalent to about 1,300 tons per year. Food is lost or wasted throughout the entire supply chain, from initial agricultural production to final household consumption. Food losses represent a waste of resources and inputs used in production, such as land, water and energy, unnecessarily increasing emissions of greenhouse gases (FAO, 2011).

The reduction of food losses and waste attracts a growing interest and raises worldwide actions. Governments, research institutions, producers, distributors, retailers and consumers have different approaches to the problem, its solutions and the ability to make changes.

Hunger remains one of the most urgent development challenges, but the world produces more than enough food. The SAVE FOOD initiative, led by FAO, collaborates with international organizations, the private sector and civil society to enable food systems to reduce food waste and losses, both in developing countries and in the industrialized world.

That is why the 5aDay Foundation A.C., focused on improving the eating habits of the population of Mexico, promoting the consumption of fruits and vegetables through the “5 x Day” program, with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing and Food for the fourth time in the 14th International congress of Promotion of Fruit and Vegetable consumption, on October 9th and 10th of 2018.

The Congress will the count with the participation of representatives of international organizations such as United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the Panamerican Health Organization, the Interamerican Institute for cooperation on Agriculture – IICA, Federal and Local government officials, representatives of 30 member countries of global alliance for the promotion of Fruit and Vegetable consumption 5aDay AIAM5, among others.

An attendance of 800 people from different sectors is expected: producers, nutritionists, academics, legislators, high-level officials and, of course, representatives of 30 countries, made up of members of AIAM5 and invited countries; with the objective of exchanging experiences and strategies between the different links of the productive and health chain, related to the promotion of fruit and vegetable consumption.

The Global Alliance for the Promotion of Fruit and Vegetable consumption 5aDay AIAM5 and the 5xDay Foundation are committed to the Save Food initiative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, so this time the 14th International congress of promotion to the consumption of Fruits and Vegetables will have as main theme: Waste, waste of fruits and vegetables and its consequences in the economic, productive, healthm environmental and education environment.


  • Offer a plural open space to Exchange experiences and strategies among the different sectors related to the promotion of mexican fruit and vegetable consumption.
  • Sensitize governments, the fruit and vegetable sector and consumers of the serious problem posed by the waste of food, especially fruit and vegetables, in food security and global economies, as well as its negative impact on the sustainability of the planet´s natural resources.
  • Strengthen intersectoral alliances to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables and thereby contribute to the reduction of waste.
  • Bring together the different sectors involved in the problem, for the exchange of experiences, success stories and possible solutions.
  • Strengthen an international network to reduce loss and waste.




October 9th and 10th 2018



8am - 6pm


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Tuesday October 9, 2018 de 2018

Schedule Activity/Conferences
8:00-9:00 Registration
9:00-10:00 Inauguration
10:00-10:15 Keynote Address: Current panorama of waste and debris in the world. Causes, consequences and improvement proposals.
10:15-10:30 Fruit Break
10:30-13:20 Panel 1: Productive Sector - What can the fruit and vegetable sector do to reduce losses?
  1. Save Food, the global initiative on the reduction of food loss, waste and health: Mexico case.
  2. Impact of shrinkage and waste in the production chain. What is failing? SWOT
  3. Actions of food supply chains to reduce losses and waste.
  4. Postharvest handling of vegetables to improve their shelf life.
  5. Technical limitations and management of losses long the value chain.
10 minute activation and hydration break
  1. Handling of vegetables and fruit waste at fairs, farmers markets/central de abastos.
    • MercaMadrid
    • Wholesale Market Lo Valledor
    • Central de Abastos from Mexico City
13:20-13:35 Fruit Break
13:35-15:05 Panel 2: Environment - Food waste and its impact on the environment.
  1. The sustainability of food systems and the environment.
  2. Ecological, water and CO2 footprint of food waste.
  3. Food habits and their impact on the environment.
  4. How much do fruits and vegetables contribute to this problem?
15:00-16:00 Lunch break
16:00-18:00 Panel 3: Food Security - Impact of losses and waste on food security.
  1. Wasted food, lost opportunity to nourish.
  2. Sustainable nutrition, key in the food and nutritional education of the population.
  3. Value of surplus food “rescued”.
  4. Food banks in the management of nutritious foods potentially lost.

*SWOT: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Wednesday October 10, 2018 de 2018

Schedule Activity/Conferences
8:30-9:30 Registration
9:30-10:00 Keynote Address: Objective Zero Hunger and waste reduction goal.
10:00-12:00 Panel 4: Food Industry - *HORECA sector and school as a key piece in the management of food.
  1. Impact of poor management of fruits and vegetables in the HORECA sector (losses, waste and performance test).
  2. Impact of poor handling of fruits and vegetables in school cafeterias.
  3. Level of processing and nutritional quality.
  4. Harnessing losses in the food industry to produce high quality food.
12:00-12:20 Panel 5: Health and Education - Prevention and awareness to the population: fruits and vegetables are too good to be wasted.
  1. The importance of food diversity for health, cancer prevention and waste reduction.
  2. The value of nutritional education for the reduction of food waste.
  3. Awareness about the value and care of food for the prevention and reduction of waste.
  4. Use of food and impact on health: savings for health systems.
14:40-15:50 Lunch break
15:50-16:20 Economy Keynote Address: Impact of food waste on the economy.
16:20-17:20 Good Practices Roundtable: Good practices on the reduction of food waste.
  1. Food waste and its impact on the national economy.
  2. Public intervention to reduce losses and food waste.
  3. Portugal.
  4. France.
  5. Lithuania.
17:20-17:30 Closing Ceremony

*HORECA = Hotels, Restaurants and Coffee shops.



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Panel 6

Good Practices Roundtable

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